Progressive Era



Grover Cleveland

1893 - 1897

First President to be Re-elected for a second term nonsequentially

William McKinley

1897 - 1901

A Republican that strongly favored captains of industry that was later assassinated

Theodore Roosevelt

1901 - 1909

A Republican president that had changed america's history. He grew up sick all of the time and loved challenges. He also passed many acts and broke up "bad trusts" (Standard Oil and RR's). Roosevelt was also a Conservationist and made the Panama Canal.

William Taft

1909 - 1913

A Republican president that broke up twice as many trusts as Roosevelt.

Woodrow Wilson

1913 - 1921

A Democratic president that won the election with all the Democrats' party's votes. While he was in office the 16, 17, 18, and 19th amendments were passed. Wilson lowered the nation's tariff, broke up ALL trusts, gave RR workers eight hour workdays and set-up the Federal Reserve System


Square Deal

1902 - 1903

It was a act that gave the workers what they wanted and also protected business owners from too extreme demands from workers

Panama Canal

1903 - 1913

A Canal piece of land originally owned by Columbia that Roosevelt took over to build into a Us Naval base

Wisconsin Idea

1906 - 1907

The Wisconsin Idea was act thought of by Robert M. Lafollete. It made sure all professors were experts.

Pure Food and Drug Act

1906 - 1907

An act forcing factories to put labels containing the ingredients on the product

Meat Inspection Act

1906 - 1907

An Act that allows inspectors to inspect any food making factory