Building A New Government

Building A Government

Articles Of Confederation


The Articles Of Confederation were ratified by The Second Continental Congress.

Closing Of The Mississippi River


Since the government was weak, Spain closed the lower part of the Mississippi River where there is U.S. shipping is. This made westerners upset because they couldn't send goods to the eastern markets.

Land Ordinance Of 1785


This ordinance divided up the land of townships These townships were 36 square miles and reserved lots for war veterans and a school building .

Shay's Rebellion

September 1786

In September 1786, a group of farmers lined up to protest outside of a courthouse in Massachusetts.They were trying to shut down the courthouses, so they wouldn't get their property taken away.

Annapolis Convention

September 1786

This meeting was set up, so the Congress could talk about changing The Articles Of Confederation. Unfortunately, only five states sent delegates.

Northwest Ordinance Of 1787


This ordinance allowed new states in the west to join the Union. It also allowed settlers to move west, and when the population of a territory reached 60,000, they could create a constitution.

The Constitutional Convention

May 1787

This convention was held at Independence Hall, where 55 delegates were there to discuss a new plan of government.

The Great Compromise

June 1787

This compromise was put into place to settle the debate between the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan.

The Three Fifths Compromise

June 1787

This compromise was put into place to keep the southern states from having to much representation.

Signing Of The Constitution

September 1787

The new constitution was signed by 42 delegates.

Ratification Of The Constitution

May 1790

This is when all the states finally ratified The Constitution.