AP Euro timeline 1st sem.



1265 - 1321

He wrote a book with Vita Nuova and Divine Comedy. In his book he wrote about the 9 layers of hell, and the type of people that live there.


1304 - 1374

He was known as the "Father of humanism" He was involved in a poplar revolt in rome

Avignon Papacy

1309 - 1377

Practice of selling indulgences. This was the act under Clement VI


1313 - 1375

Wrote the book Decameron in Florence during the black plague

John Wycliff

1320 - 1384

he promoted idea of vernacularand how the people should be able to read the bible

Hundred years war

1337 - 1453

end of federal society of france and changed military tactics forever

Black Death

1346 - 1350

The years in which people died from a plague. It was started in Costantinople and Sicily by fleas on rats.

Golden Bull


A German agreement of having a 7 member electoral college.

John Huss

1369 - 1415

He influenced John Wycliff


1375 - 1527

The era in which art was more detailed and moved away from mediviel art.

The great schism

1378 - 1417

The time period in which their was 2 popes and the people of europe didn't know who to follow.

council of constance

1414 - 1417

Elected Pope Martin V, regular meetings of church councils

N. renaissance

1450 - 1603

The renaissance in the north were different from south's. They had paintings of christanity, but wasn't as detail than the south

Ferdinand and isabella of spain

1452 - 1516

reformed spain to be a better country


1466 - 1536

Famous North humanist. Wanted major Catholic reforms even though he was lifelong Catholic

Printing press


Made it easy to copy and print out writing and books



Columbus landed in San Salvador. in eastern Bahamas. Europeans at that time until Columbus 3rd voyage, believed cuba was Japan and South America was China.

Columbian exchange

1493 - 1915

The period of trade between Europe and the native americans from the new world. they traded animals, crops and disease. 1

Witch Hunts

1500 - 1800

People believed in witches and they had hunts to kill them. They believed wtiches got power from the devil.

Pope Julius II

1503 - 1513

Erasmus wrote a book that satires the pope telling the people of Europe how unsuccessful he is.

Henry XIII

1507 - 1547

This represents the start of reformation in england. In his era he broke away from the church.

The prince Machiaveli


A book on how rulers show rule. It was also a gift to the medici family

95 thesis


95 problems that luther wrote that was wrong of the church.

German peasant revolt

1524 - 1525

A revolt in which the german peasants want to overthrow the pope. Luther was against this revolt.


1525 - 1598

It started when Martin Luther posted the 95 thesis. This represents the people moving away from catholicism

William of Orange

1533 - 1584

He was a leader for the Netherlands. He was a calvinist, He fought to free Netherland from Spain

John Calvin- Geneva


Geneva elected offiicals favorable to Calvin. The Genevan church.

Council of trent

1545 - 1563

It is a council that responds to the reformations in europe at the time

Couuncil of Trent

1545 - 1563

Under Paul II, strengthened power of bishops

Tycho Brahe

1546 - 1601

Danish astronomer who helped find evidence of a sun-center universe. Created scientific instruments.

Peace of Augsburg


peace agreement of Charles V letting Lutherism be one of the religions of germany. The german princes got to pick the religion.

Mary I (England)

1553 - 1558

catholic, tortured and killed all protestants.Became queen after Edward VI died.

Elizabeth I

1558 - 1603

She was the queen of england. she gave religious toleration, but made protestant the offical religion.

Act of supremacy


Gave Hengry VIII (of england0 the head leader of the church, and also england's separation towards the church.

Dutch rev.

1560 - 1600

It was a revolt to free themselves from Phillips of Spain

Francis Bacon

1561 - 1626

Empirical Method, discovery of the blood veins.

specific religious wars (French war of religion

1562 - 1598

It was the battle between the hugunots (French protestants) and the catholics of france.

William Shakespeare

1564 - 1616

A famous English play writer, who made many famous plays

Baroque Art

1571 - 1680

arts that presents life, 3-D display of the Catholic Counter-Reformation.

st Bawtholomew day mas.


It was in Auguest 24 1572, a day were 3,000 protestants were killed,

Spanish Armada

1588 - 1590

the armada that set sail for england to invade. The armad was bigger than the english fleets, but in the end England was victorious

Henry IV

1589 - 1610

his famous Edict of Nantes, made a truce between catholics and protestants of France

Edict of Nantes


Was issued by Henry IV. It proclaimed formal religious settlement

Cromwell (english rev.)

1599 - 1658

He became ruler of England after defeating the stuarts in the English civil war.

commercail Rev. (english rev.)

1600 - 1800

The era of discovery, were they discover new spices and silk from the new world

Agicultural rev.

1600 - 1700

New crops and methods. Open-field method and enclosure method

Stuart (english rev.)

1603 - 1649

They took office after Elizabeth I's death in England.

James I

1603 - 1625

Represented the Stuart of England. Puritans within the churchs of England. elimate religious ceremonies

Henry IV (fr.) assassinated


Killed by catholic fantatics because of the Edict of Nantes


1610 - 1643

"Divine rights of a king" sold titles to the richer class

Blaise Pascal

1623 - 1662

French mathematicians, lost wealth to science, book Pensees

Louis XIV

1643 - 1715

Absolute Monarchy. "sun god" versailles, King by divine rights

Puritan Rep. (english rev.)

1649 - 1660

It was cromwell with the rump partiament



simiplicity of the arts of the high renassiance

newton principia mathematica


It's a book that views the work of Galileo.

Glorious Rev. (english rev.)


The end results was the english bill of rights. king and queen have no real power.

Bill of rights (english rev.)


An English doc. that tells all the rights of english cit.

Spinning jenny


it was a machine that could spin 120 spindles making it faster to produce clothing

water frame


It was a device that uses water power to power out production like cotton fabric

Decline in Gothic Art


Artist started to paint Nongolthic art at that time. They used Neo-Gothic arts in catherdrals and churchs

French rev.


1759 - 1797

The women who wrote rights of Women. She opposed Rouseau and was against his thoughts

nobles reounces feudal rights


Nobles surrendered their feuadal rights at the national assembly.

storming of the bastille


represented the start of the rev. People of france stormed the bastile to gain weapons

Rights of man and citizen


similar to the American bill of rights. stated all rights that every man and citizen has.



A meeting at which Louis XVI called the 3 estates to discuss the problems of france.

Great Fear

1789 - 1790

A fear that the Austrian and Prussian armies would invade France

March of the Fishwives


A Women march to Versailles to complain about their starving children. The result of the capture of the king and queen.

War with Austria

1792 - 1793

France declares war on Austria and Prussia. Nationalism for France helped them win the war

Tennis court oath


A meeting of the National Assembly in a handball court after the gaurds of france locked the orginal meeting place

Tuileries palace stormed


Louis XIV takes refuge with the Legislative assembly

Levee en masse


Meant all health men must just the battlefronts

Reign of Terror

1793 - 1794

A period in France where people were killed everyday due to disloyalty towards the new government