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Fredona Rebellion

1825 - december 1826

Haden Edwards gets permission to settle near Nacogdoches. Mexican government cancels the contract. Brother Benjamin leads a rebellion and sets up the Republic of Fredonia. When Mexican troops arrive leaders flee.

mier y teran repot

january 1829 - december 1829

the "Report of Mier Y Teran" claimed that the government should, increase trade with Mexico and discourage trade with the U.S., more Europeans and Mexicans should settle in Texas, and Soldiers should be put in Texas to enforce these laws to increase Mexico's control over Mexico.

Connection-After reviewing the report they decided to put them into effect so they created the "Law of April 6th, 1830."

problem at anahuac

january 1832 - december 1832

Troops are placed in Texas to enforce the Law of April, 1830. Troops stationed at Anahauc. Bradburn is in charge. Francisco Madero was approving land titles for settlers. Bradburn says actions are illegal. Madero is put in jail. Bradburn also shuts down the town government in Liberty and uses the settlers’ slaves without paying for them. George Fisher the customs official demands that all ships pay customs in Anahauc. This required some shippers to travel overland. When shippers ignore the rules, troops are sent. Fisher is relieved of duty but conditions does not improve. Bradburn arrests William B. Travis and Patrick Jack and hold them for a military trial.

covention of 1832 ad 1833

1832 - 1834

Bustamante is replaced by Santa Anna As President of Mexico. Settlers were unhappy with central government. Settlers in San Felipe de Austin call a meeting, Convention of 1832. 4 resolutions come of it
1. Allow legal immigration from US
2. Texas become a separate state separate from Coahuila.
3. Custom duties be removed for three years.
4. Land for public schools

turtle bayou resolution

1832 - 1833

The Turtle Bayou Resolutions declared that the events at Anahuac were not a rebellion against Mexico, the settlers stated that they were defending their rights and the Constitution of 1824.

Connection- The Turtle Bayou Resolutions caused the Conventions of 1832 and 1833 because all of them felt the same way and they wanted to show that to the Mexican Government.

austin arrest

1834 - april 1835

SFA goes to Mexico City to present resolutions of Convention. Had to meet with Gómez Farías instead of Santa Anna. Is given the run around and is kept waiting. Finally meeting Santa Anna in Nov., he gets Santa Anna to agree to some of the resolutions. Leaves to go back to Texas and is arrested in Saltillo. Is released in Dec but not permitted back into Texas until July 1835.