My Past




I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 5/14/1996

First Word

September 1996

My first word was "happy."

Started Crawling

January 1997

I started to crawl

First Walk

May 1997

1st Hospital Trip

July 1997

First of many

Started Swimming

November 1997

My first swim instructed was Mr. Moses. He was a good friend of mine because he pushed me so I could get on the swim team.

Moved to Gtown

December 1998

Moved from Milwaukee to Germantown

Sister was Born

January 1999

1st day of Pre-School

September 2000

1st day @ St. Boniface

September 2001


February 2004

Moved to Pulaki (Mom)

June 2004

Pulaski, Wisconsin is near Green Bay, Wisconsin

Moved to Thiensville (Dad)

August 2004

Start New School

September 2004

Last State Swimming Meet

December 2006

It was my fourth and final state swimming meet. I swam for 3 years after, but couldn't make the cut for state.

Start Middle School

September 2007

Pulaski Community Middle School

First Pet

March 2008

He is our first and current pet, Koco. Koco is a Shi-tzu dog.

Receive Snowmobile Licence

November 2008

Begin to play Golf

June 2009

First started at Crystal Springs Golf Club


April 2010

Dr. Ohlm was the my orthodontist and was obsessed with Donald Duck. Pictures were all over his place

Move back to Gtown

August 2010

Begin High School in New School District

September 2010

Receive Driver's Licence

July 2012