Time Line For Canadian Provinces and Territories


USS Constitution vs. The Guerriere

August 14 1812

The ship called the Constitution spotted a ship that was too protected to go investigate. The ship was proven to be the Guerriere. At the same time, the Guerriere crew recognized the Constitution. Both ships raised their “fighting flags” and prepared for action. !{width: 200px; height: 200px;

Battle of Thames

October 5 1812

Procter formed British regulars in line of battle with a 6-pounder cannon. He wanted to trap Harrison on the banks of the Thames. This would cause Americans to be driven off the road with cannon fire. Though, he took no steps towards fortifying the position, so there was no obstacle for the Americans.

Horseshoe Bend

March 17 1814

General Jackson led troops made up of 2,600 American soldiers, 500 Cherokee, and 100 Lower Chreek allies up a hill near Topeka, Alabama. From there Jackson would begin his attack on a Red Stick Creek defenses. Later on her split his troops and sent about 1300 men to cross the Tallapoosa River and surround the Creek village.

Battle of Lake Erie

September 10 1814

Americans saw Barclay’s vessels heading for them and got under way from their port at Put-In-Bay. Barclay originally held the climate scale, but wind shifted and allowed Perry to attack.

Battle at Fort McHenry

september 12 1814

Ross landed with 4,500 soldiers on the North Point and began moving northwest towards Baltimore. They encountered American forces under Brigadier General Stricker. Stricker was under orders to delay the British while the protections around the city were completed.

Battle of New Orleans

January 8 1815

Colonel Thornton was supposed to cross the Mississippi river during the night with his brigade, so he could open fire on Jackson’s line. After that he was supposed to start the main attack against the majority of American troops.