Anne Frank


Friends have died

November 19, 1942

Dussel tells them many friends have died and acquaintences have died and they feel like they will have no one left after the war.

Anne has become depressed

September 16,1943

Anne is taking depression medicine because she has become depressed

Anne longs for Peter

February 19,1944

Anne longs for Peter, and loves to talk to him. Without him she is lonely.

Margot is lonely

March 20, 1944

Margot wishes she had someone in hiding to talk to like Anne and Peter do.


Anne rejects her mom

September 2, 1942

Anne rejects her mom's teaching and her offer to pray with her.

Anne has her nightmare about Lies

December 29,1943

Lies appears in her dream and she felt really guilty.

Anne rejects her parents

March 17,1944

Anne rejects her parents and doesn't like to show affection by kisses or nicknames.

Anne rejects her father

July 15,1944

Anne is saying that her father annoys her and doesn't like it when he teaches her.


Helpers get sick

June 15,1943

Helpers get sick and they are afrraid that they won't be able to get their necessary items.

Burglary at the warehouse

April 11, 1944

The burglary happens in the warehouse and they were afraid the police would come.


Anne's birthday party

June 15,1942

Anne has a birthday party with har friends.

Anne and Peter are happy

April 18, 1944

Anne and Peter are happy in each others arms.

Anne's birthday

June 13, 1944

Anne birthday happens and she gets a lot of gifts.