Anne's Thoughts and Emotions


Anne Begins her Diary


She started writing for the first time.

Anne Needs a Close Friend


Anne decides that she doesn't have a close friend that she can confide in, so she names the diary Kitty.

Ode to Fountain Pen


Anne makes an ode to fountain pen. She briefly explains how she got her pen and how its special.

Anne has a Nightmare


She has a nightmare about her family and herself getting captured. She also has another nightmare where her grandmother is involved.

Anne Emerges from Depression

February 12, 1944

Anne starts to slowly emerge from her depression through her newly found crush for Peter and his possible love for her. You can really see that Peter is making her feel better.

Anne Grows More Mature

April 28, 1944

Anne starts to grow out of her "crush phase" with Peter. She acts more mature around him and starts to act more like an adult as their relationship grows more serious. This makes her so much more intelligent.

Anne Wants to Improve

June 14, 1944

She feels like people think that she is much more conceited than she really is. She know that she wants to prove to people that she is actually a better person than she appears to be. She wants to improve all of her faults.

Anne Gains Hope

June 27, 1944

The mood has changed within her. THe war is getting better and Anne has hope that she can leave the Annex soon.