Anne Frank: Conflict Timeline


Dussel Decided to Come Later

Nov 12, 1942

Dussel postponed his arrival from Saturday to Monday, due to seeing last minute clients.

Dussel Arrived

Nov 17, 1942

Dussel finally arrived in the Annexe, after postponing his arrival.

Dussel and Anne Fight

Dec 22, 1942

Dussel and Anne fight over random little things, such as sharing the desk in their bedroom.

Burglar(s) In The Annexe

March 25 1943

They heard a barrel fall over, and everyone hid upstairs.

Helpers Get Sick

April 1 1943

Mr. Koophuis gets a hemorrhage, Elli gets the flu, and Mr. Vossen has a stomach ulcer.

Anne and Her Mother's Relationship Worsens

April 2 1943

Anne told her mother that she didn't want to say prayers with her anymore.

Dussel and Van Daan Fight

April 25 1944

Dussel doesn't like the new security measures taken, and he blames Van Daan.

Mrs. Van Daan Talks About Suicide etc.

June 16 1944

Mrs. Van Daan talks about shooting and hanging herself.