Wax Junkies Timeline


Idea of a Ski Tuning Business


SJ Grundon was working summer jobs to help pay for skiing. She wanted to figure out a way to make some extra ski money during the ski season. She brainstormed and with the help of her parents she came up with the idea of ski tuning.

SJ Brought in a Member to the Company


SJ was talking to her friend Clayton on the phone while he was at camp and she somehow got on the topic about how she was going to start a ski tuning business to help pay for the expense of skiing. Clayton said he had lots of the equipment needed to tune skis... and so they joined together to try to start the business.

The Name Was Made


Clayton came up with the name for the ski tuning business in the Bristol Bakery... Wax Junkies.

Logo Was Designed


SJ made the logo and worked with Holly Grundon to help fix it to make it look more professional and clean.

Small Business Workshop


Clayton and SJ attended a small business workshop. They learned about how to start their business, and learned a lot about how to write a business plan.

Facebook Page


Wax Junkies Created a Facebook Page.

Tune Pack Ideas


Full Tune $30 Base and sidewall sharpen, core repair, base and top wax. 1/2 Tune $25 Base and sidewall sharpen, base and top wax. Sharpen Only $15 Base and sidewall sharpen. Wax Only $15 Base and top wax. Quick Wax $12 Top wax only.

The URL Was Bought


The URL for the business was bought... www.waxjunkiesvt.com

Photos Taken for Wax Junkies


Henry came over while Clayton and SJ were tuning skis and he took many picture for them to post to their Facebook Page.

The Big Transition


Clayton decided to leave Wax Junkies to work on other projects. The partners talked about the details and worked out the little problems to make it all work.

Website Was Launched


Wax Junkies website was launched and email account was created...info@waxjunkiesvt.com

Tune Pack Revision


Different Tune Packs Were Created. 10 tune pack $250, and a 5 tune pack $150

Meeting with Lawyer


SJ meet with a lawyer to discus the details of a contract so Wax Junkies wouldn't be liable if someone was injured.