Anne Unfavored

February 5, 1943

Anne's paretns unfavor her to the other children. (man v. man)

Countries Help

March 18, 1943

Turkey has joined the war against the Nazis. (man v. man)

Anne's sickness

December 22, 1943

Anne gets the flu whicconflicts/ endangers her health/life and they can't get medical attention due to being in the Annexe.

Peter's Mysterious Look's

February 13, 1944

Peter tells Anne how he feels about her. (man v. man)

The Burglary

February 23, 1944

A burglary has happened in the front office. (man v. man)

Anne and Peter's Future

May 2, 1944

Anne's father believes Peter will leave Anne when she gets out of the Annexe.

Anne's Feelings aboutHiding

May 26, 1944

Anne feels as though maybe they shouldn't have gone into hiding so all the helpers wouldn't be in danger.

Mrs. Van Daan is becoming more insta

June 16, 1944

Mrs. Van Daan is becoming more instable with the isolation.

Mrs. Van Daan's Thoughts

June 16, 1944

Mrs. Van Daan is desperate, talks about bullets through her head, prision hanging, and suicide.

Anne's Thoughts

July 15, 1944

Anne is having thoughts about her attitude with her dad and actions and 'talks' with Peter. (man v. self)