The Themes of the Diary of Anne Frank


Anne's Arrival

July 9, 1942

The Franks, afraid that Margot would be taken to a concentration camp, arrive at The Secret Annexe.

Peter Spills The Beans

November 9, 1942

Peter spills a huge sack of beans. It makes a huge noise and scares the entire Annexe.

Burglars in the Warehouse

July 16, 1943

There are burglars in the warehouse. The inhabitants of the Secret Annexe are afraid of being discovered.


November 27, 1943

Anne has a nightmare where she sees he friend Leis dressed in rags. She doesn't know whether Leis is alive or dead.


The Themes of the Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Feels Alone

June 20, 1942

Anne writes that, even though she has many aquaintances, her diary is her only friend.

Anne Takes Depression Pills

September 16, 1943

Anne is getting so depressed that she has to take medicine.

Anne Loses Her Pen

November 11, 1943

Anne loses the pen she has had for a number of years and is very sad about it.

Anne is Depressed

May 16, 1944

The vegetable man is arrested, they have little food, and Anne is disappointed in Peter.