PhANToM Productions CD Release


Contact Artist


Contact artist for a request needed to suit artist

Arrange Transportation


I will make sure artist has transportation from hotel to studio, as well as anywhere else he will need to go. I will rent a car and have one of our interns drive the artist around.

Studio Time


I will need to book studio time for the artist to record for 2 days. I will have the studio booked all day for the 2 days. Using the in house studio will save us money.

Book Hotel and Flights


I will need to book flights for artist to arrive here and depart after cd release. We also need to book a five star hotel for the artist to stay in while he is here.

Book Caterer


I will contact the artist favorite restuarant in the area to provide meals for him while in the studio. We will also confirm the menu.

Hire Security


We will contact a security company to hite security. Two security guards will be with the artist.

Confirm Guest List


Since the recording sessions are private, the guest list will on consist of our staff and the artist entourage.

Studio Staff


I will notify our in-house engineers that I will need them for these two days in the studio with the artist, all day if needed. They will be paid extra as long as artist is satisfied.

Double Check Event Activities


I will double chech everything: artist arrival and departure, menu, hotel, security, studio times, transportation, guest list, and the staff schedules.

Artist Arrival


Artist will arrive! Transportation will greet him at airport and take him to check in at hotel then the recording will begin.