Protasiewicz - Timeline

French and Indian War

French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

Fought between the British and the French over land near Ohio. Most Native Americans were allied with the French because they did not want to settle, and the British did. The British won the war, and in the Treaty of Paris they gained more land.

Battle of Fort Duquesne


The British, led by George Washington, defeat the French and kick them out of Fort Duquesne.

Battle of Quebec


The British attack and capture the French city of Quebec.

Battle of Montreal


The British attack and capture the French city of Montreal.

Proclamation of 1763


This proclamation says that the colonist can not settle the land that they won in the war against France because the Native Americans are still living on it. This makes the colonists very upset.

Treaty of Paris


The Treaty of Paris was signed, ending the French and Indian War. The treaty gave Britain title to all French land East of the Mississippi River, and Florida.

American Revolution

American Revolution

1775 - 1783

The war fought with Britain one one side, and the American colonists (and later France) on the other. The Americans were trying to become a new country because they thought that the king was passing unfair laws.

Battle of Trenton


On Christmas Day, George Washington took troops over the Delaware River and overwhelmed the British mercenary forces. The Americans win.

Battle of New York


The British, led by General Howe, capture New York. George Washington retreats into New Jersey.