Greece History



The Trojan War and the destruction of Troy (Ilium)

1200 BC

Government/Culture/Everything Else

The great Minoan civilization

2500 BC

The First Olympic Games are staged

850 BC

730-710 BC - Spartans conquet southwest Pelopennesia

750 BC

730-710BC: Homer write the Iliad and the Odyssey

750 BC

The Rise of the Greek tyrants

730 BC

Daraco's code of law is introduced

650 BC

500-323 BC- The Greek Classical Period

600 BC

Greek / Persian War led by Xerxes

505 BC

Cleisthenes introduces democray in Athens

500 BC

461-446 BC: The Peloponnesian Wars Begins between Sparta and Athens

468 BC

1050-750 BC: The Dark Ages of Creece and the fall of theMycenean culture