Sabik, Julia timeline

warfare timeline


The French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

This war is also called the seven year war. This war was fought over the land now called Ohio (at the time, France and England both wanted the land). The French and Indian War was fought between England and France. The Indians were on both sides with a majority fighting with the French. Started setting up for the war in 1753. Also, it officially ended in 1763 with the treaty of Paris, but the fighting stopped in the colonies during 1760

Battle of Fort Duquesne


The British Capture For Duquesne from French. Is now in Pennsylvania.

Battle of Quebec


British captured Quebec.

British capture Montreal


French surrenders in Montreal, which means Britain has won the war.

The Treaty of Paris


This treaty officially ended the French and Indian war. Was signed in Paris.

Proclamation of 1763


The Proclamation of 1763 states that the colonist cannot continue expanding into the new land. This is so the colonists and the native americans do not get into another expensive war.