Greece Fastic!




The Great Minoan Civilization

2500 BC

The Trojan War and destruction of Troy (Ilium)

1200 BC

The dark Ages of Greece

1050 BC - 750 BC

Development of the first Greek Alphabet

850 BC - 700 BC

Homer Writes the Iliad and the Odyssey

750 BC - 700 BC

Spartans Conquer southwest Peloponnese

730 BC - 710 BC

The Rise of the Greek tyrants

650 BC

Greek Coin currency introduced

600 BC

Cleisthenes introduces Democracy in Athens

505 BC

The Greek Classical Period

500 BC - 323 BC

Sophocles Writes his First Tragedy

468 BC

The Peloponnesian Wars begins between Spartan and Athens

449 BC - 432 BC

Pericles leads Athens

443 BC - 429 BC

Euripides writes his first tragedy

441 BC

Outbreak of Bubonic Plague in Athens

430 BC

Construction of Temple of Athene Nike

420 BC

Plato Founds the Academy

386 BC

Aristotle is Born

384 BC

Aristotle is Born

384 BC

Philip II becomes the kin of the Greeks

359 BC

Alexandria the Great defeats the Persians at Issus

333 BC

The Hellenistic Period

323 BC - 31 BC

EarthQuake Destroys the Colossus of Rhodes

224 BC

First Roman Victory over Greece

200 BC - 196 BC

King Philip V of Greece loses to Roman forces at Kynoskephlali