Greece Tastic!



The Trojan war and the destruction of Troy (Iluim)

1200 BC

the peloponnesinan war begins between sparta and athens

461 BC - 446 BC

condtuction of the parthenon of the parthenon and the arcroplis.

449 BC - 432 BC


The great Minoan civilization

2500 BC

The dark ages of greece and the fall of the Mycenean culture

1050 BC - 750 BC

The first Olympic Game are staged

850 BC

Homer writes the Iliad and the Odyssey

750 BC - 700 BC

Spartans conquer southwest Peloponnesia

730 BC - 710 BC

Rise of the Greek tyrants

650 BC

Draco's Code of law introduced

621 bc

Greeks Coins currency introduced

600 BC

Cleisthenes introduced demorcay in Athens

505 BC

The greeks classical period

500 BC

greeks /persian wars led by xerxes

449 BC

sophocles writes his first tradgery

449 BC