East Asia

China, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, and Taiwan


Discovery of silk worm

2850 bc

China first to discover silk worm; Leizu.

Row Planting

600 bc

Planting agricultural plants in rows to produce more and grow faster, stronger.

First to Caste Iron

513 bc

Chinese people became first to caste iron after developing a furnace which can reach a very high temperature.

Invention of compass

400 bc

The compasses were south pointing mainly.

Iron moldboard plows

400 bc

This tool allowed the adjustment of the blade level to plow precise depth.

Harness for Horses

400 bc

Limited strength of animal and allowed control

Great Wall Of China

221 bc - 202 bc

The great wall of china was built to keep the nomadic people of the north and the mongols out.

Seed Drill

200 bc

Used to plant seeds at uniform depth and covers it; agriculture was more effective.

Silk Road

141 bc

the road that expands trade from east to west.

invention of blast furnace

100 bc

A type of furnace which produces smelted metals for industrial use.

Deep Drilling

100 bc

drilled as deep at 4800 ft.

Invention of paper


Invention of seismograph


This was a tool used to detect the direction of earthquakes.

Repeating crossbow

181 - 234

One of the longest lived mechanical weapons. can fire around 10 bolts in 15 seconds.


Use of iron weapons to attack china

300 bc