Space Summative Assessment Grade 6



90 CE - 100 CE

Ptolemy wrote his univers , it call geocentric model.The Earth is the centre, other planets orbit the Earth, but this is wrong.


134 CE - 135 CE

In134 CE, he found a nova in the Scorpio, that made he made the first star map that recorded the fixed star.


315 CE - 316 CE

Aristarchus started Sun, Earth and the Moon distances compared and sizes compared.He was the first astronomer proposed heliocentric theory.


1473 - 1543

Copernicus used a lot of time to wrote< De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium>.When he was 40, he proposed heliocentric theory, his model is the Sun is the centre, and other planets orbit the Sun.He thought that planet orbit are concentric circles,but is wrong.


1546 - 1601

In1572, he found a nova in Cassiopeia. He observed for 20 years, he also discovered many new astronomical phenomena .
He thought the known planets orbied the Sun, but the Sun orbit th Earth.

Johannes Kepler

1571 - 1630

Johannes Kepler found out three laws of planet movement:orbit law, area law and period law.
He also found the most reliable evidence for Copernicus' heliocentric theory.


1609 - 1640

Galileo knew a businessman found a kind of glasses that can see things that eyes can't. So he put the convex lens and concave lens into a metal tube.
This is his first telescope. It can see things in50 miles, he made it better and better.He made the telescope that can see the univers.

Isaac Newton

1643 - 1727

Issac Newton made reflecting telescope in 1672.He observe and study planets movement law.He proved that Kapler laws are right.He predict that Earth were spherome.

Albert Einstein

1879 - 1955

In 1917 ,Einstein published his fristAlbert Einstein most important contribution for astronomy is his cosmology theory . He originated relativity cosmology. He made the universe model.

Edwin Hubble

1889 - 1953

Edwin Hubble made sure that nebula and galaxy are fixed star system ,he stared the galaxy astronomy. He also found out red shift and galaxy's distance relation


1905 - 1973

In 1948, Kuiper surveyed Mars atmosphere had carbon dioxide,it has proved that it was not froze carbon dioxide,it was ice.
Kuiper found out Pluto was smaller than people thought. Its diameter is about 3700 miles. He calculated Pluto rotation was about 6.4 days.