1166 Bond Street

Sameera Yusuf This time line includes significant events that occurred at the above address. It also includes the names of residents that stayed at the above address for long periods of time.


322 Bond Street Completed

1900 - 1901

Before Bond Street was extended and the residents are renumbered, 1166 Bond Street was 322 Bond Street. Nobody lived in the house until 1905.

First Resident

1905 - 1924

The first resident, T.E. Artope, moved into 322 Bond Street, and he lived there for 19 years.



From this point onwards, 322 Bond Street was used as an apartment building, instead of a single residence.

Ralph Macon

1930 - 1939

Ralph Macon lived in 322 Bond Street for almost 10 years.

Thos Jones

1942 - 1955

This Jones lived in 322 Bond Street for 13 years.

Change in Address


322 Bond Street became 1166 Bond Street.

Margret Harbin

1949 - 2000

Margret Harbin began to live in 1166 Bond Street, and she lived there for about 50 years. Margret Harbin lived in the residence longer than anyone else.


2001 - 2002

1166 Bond Street is not listed in the directory.