Ines Zippe's Timeline

Revolutionary War

Battle of Saratoga

Sept. 19, 1777 - Oct. 17, 1777

America was losing the war very badly previous to this event. It was considered a turning point in the war, and lifted spirits for everyone in the continental army. Under comman of General Horatio Gates, on September 19, 1777, American militias met new Saratoga and crushed the British army, lead by General Burgoyne. On October 17, the British army surrendered and America won this battle.

Winter at Valley Forge

Nov. 1777 - Jan. 1778

Between 1777 and 1778 Washington's army stayed at Valley Forge. The conditions here were terrible and one fourth of the troops died. Supplies and food were extremely scarce and many people went without shoes or coats in the freezing temperatures

France and Spain Come to Help

1778 - 1783

France had been a long time enemy towards Britain and when they heard about the Battle of Saratoga, they decided to aid America and officially declare war against Britain. Spain also declared war on Britain and Bernardo de Galvez, governor of Spain at the time, sent weapons and supplies. As a result of this, Spain captured the British fort in Densacola, Florida.

Victory at Yorktown

Sep. 1781 - Oct. 19, 1781

British General Cornwallis marched into Virginia and established his army by York River. French continental army general Lafayette took positions outside of Yorktown. Washington gave up his plan to attack New York and instead marched South the Yorktown. At Yorktown , there were 16,000 American and French troops opposing 7,000 British soldiers. October 19 Cornwallis surrendered.

Parliament Votes


In March 1782 Parliament voted to give up "farther prosecution of offensive war on the continent of North America".

Treaty of Paris


Ends the war between thirteen colonies and Britain.