McKenna Boehm - Timeline


French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

French came to trade and British came to settle. Disagreed on how the land should be used. British fought in lines while the French and the indians fought with ambush attacks. Treaty of Paris ended the war. Important Battle: Fort Duquesne

Battle at Fort Duquesne


Fort where 3 rivers met. British won this fight. Good place for trade

Proclaimation of 1763


Forbade Britain from settling on Indian's territory

Treaty of Paris


Ended the French and Indian War. Land east of Mississippi to Britain.

American Revolution

1776 - 1782

Battle that determined the colonists freedom.

Battle of Saratoga


Gates stormed Burgoyne's army. Burgoyne didn't have reinforcements. Gates easily won. Turn point in the war.