Dynasty timeline


Tang Dynasty

618 - 907

Northern Song Dynasty

907 - 1127

Southern Song Dynasty

1127 - 1271

Yuan Dynasty

1271 - 1368

Ming Dynasty

1368 - 1644

High Points

Controled Eastern Plains of China


Controlled all of China


Golden Age

700 - 750

The Tang dynasty was famous for their golden age of craftsmanship, and art. Many innovations and creation from this period are still used to today. This age lasted most of Tang dynasties lifetime.

Court Painting

907 - 960

Chinese Economy Grew

960 - 1267

The Song Dynasty focused primarily on their economy. the Chinese economy steadily rose, new trade routes opened and the Dynasty was very prosperous.

Rule of Kublai Khan

1230 - 1350

Trade, Economy and wealth increased dramatically. He was able to connect Europe and Asia, allowing safe trade routes where caravans could travel. Couriers were created.

Captured the Dali Empire


War with Song Dynasty

1259 - 1279

100 Priest Sent to China


Defeated the Western Xia Empire


Hongwu Emperor

1368 - 1398

Was former leader of the Red Turban, who became emperor after overthrowing Kublai Kong. He wrote a legal code and started reconstruction on the great wall.

Beijing became Capital


Low Points

Government Grew Weak

850 - 907

At the end of tang dynasty the government started growing weak, this caused many problems for the people of China. the Song Empire took over the Tang Dynasty at this time.

Weak Military

907 - 1271

The army of the Song Dynasty was very inefficient, because it was designed primarily to not threaten imperial control. This made it easy for the Mongol horde to capture China, and start a new Dynasty.

Bankrupt of the Nation

1245 - 1271

Kublai Empire split off into Russia


Natural Disasters

1330 - 1368

Rebellions killed Kublai Khan, Reign of Ming Dynasty started. The first emperor of the Ming Dynasty was a peasant.



Ming started forcing labor


Many peasants were sent do build the Great Wall. These peasants acted like slave, horrible conditions and many of them died. A lot of money was spent on building the wall, and almost bankrupted the country.

Beijing Captured