Ball State Symphony Orchestra:: Michael Hall


Romantic Era

1815 - 1920

The Romantic Era

Vaughan Williams

October 12, 1872 - August 26, 1958

The Life of Vaughan Williams;
An Englishman, Williams collected the folk songs of the countryside and immortalized them in his works. This is one of his major claims to fame.

Aaron Copland

November 14, 1900 - December 2, 1990

The Life of Aaron Copland;
An American Composer, Copland traveled quite a bit. His major Claims to fame would be his immortal works.

Samuel Barber

March 9, 1910 - January 23, 1981

The Life of Samuel Barber;
Barber was an American composer who mainly worked in the US. His main claim to fame is his Adagio For Strings, which is widely popular.

Post-War Era

1920 - Present

The Post-War Era

John Corigliano

February 16, 1938 - Present

He was born in New York City and is American. His major Claims to fame are his compositions which "have won him the Pulitzer Prize, the Grawemeyer Award, three Grammy Awards, and an Academy Award (“Oscar”) and have been performed and recorded by many of the most prominent orchestras, soloists, and chamber musicians in the world."

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