Untitled timeline


Virginia cession of land


Virginia cedes a portion of its land west of the Appalachian Mountains to Congress.

Establishment of the bank of America


Founded by the Secretary of Finance, Robert Morris, this bank helped to stabilize the commerce of the United States

The Treaty of Paris


The treaty of paris is signed ending the war.

Congress forced from Philedelphia


A mutinous group of Pennsylvania troops, demanding pay, forced Congress to leave Philadelphia. President John Dickinson refused the assistance of all on the state militia, as he feared they were not reliable. Congress retreated to Princeton.

First meeting of the constitutional convention


Delegates from all states except Rhode Island meet in Philadelphia for the purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation

Constitution Convention


On May 14, state delegates begin to arrive at the constitutional convention in Pedophilia.

Congress Passes the North west Ordinance on July 13

The final draft of the Constitution is signed on September 17.

Bill of Rights


The Bill of Rights is ratified by the states in December.

The Bill of Rights becomes part of the Constitution on December 15.