Silk Road


China breeds silkworms

3000 BCE

Silk Road

500 BCE - 1000 CE

Alexander The Great expands into Asia

400 BCE


Silk Road extended

200 BCE

First commercial land route btwn East and West

138 BCE - 125 BCE

Zhang Qian, a diplomat during the Han dynasty, is sent from the capital city of Chang'an (Xi'an) to create alliances with and develop a trading route to the West. His success leads to the establishment of the first commercial land route between East and West.


Development of spoked wheel

2000 BCE

development of the light, spoked wheel, horses came to be used to draw military chariots, remains of which have been found in tombs all across Eurasia

Camels, Horses and Caravans

300 BCE

used camel, caravans and horse to carry goods


Cultural exchange

1 CE

Buddhism begins to spread from India into Central Asia

Islam began to travel on the Silk Road

8 CE