Chapter 7


Dec. of independence

July 1776

Proclaimed independence from the British.

"The American Crisis" was writin

Dec. 1776

Writin by Tomas Paine. Another short essay written to give the colonists hope of winning the war.

Crossing the Delaware

Dec. 25, 1776

Washington needed a daring move. So he led his men across the Delaware river and attacked the British at Trenton on Christmas morning.

Valley Forge

1777 - 1778

Heavy snow falls and coldest winters was the worst time during this war. Many died from thin cloths, no shoes, disease, running away, of the bitter cold. This tests Washington's leadership. Those that do come out of Valley Forge are must stronger army because they survived Valley Forge.

Battles of Saratoga

Oct. 1777

A series of battles took place for the next month. The British could not break through the Americans and eventually were surrounded. Then the British surrendered.

British head south


1) loyalists- British believed there are more in the south.
2) close to supplies
3) slaves ( told them if they faught with them they could be free )
/when slaves were taken the loyalists change to patriots/

The French join the war


The French were still mad that they had lost the the British so they join the war on the Americans side. They provided supplies, funds, and more troops to fight. When the French joins the war so does Germany and Spain.

John Paul Jones


He commands a ship and goes up against a British ship. The battle at night for 3 and a half hours. After awhile the British surrender.

Guerrilla warfare


-Francis Marion
Small groups of fighters who weaken the enemy with surprise raids and hit-and-runs.

Charlestown captured


5000 Am. Surrender



British trapped them self in Yorktown. Bring all of the Americans/ French navy to trap them. END OF WAR!!! Can fight his way out so they surrender.