Political Timeline of the Gilded Age

By Elliot Srikantia, David Shakno, and €ool £than $hafron


Formation of the KKK

1866 - 1867

White supremacist group formed in Tennessee. Significant because it helped maintain racism and segregation in the post-Civil War South.

Boss Tweed Ring

1871 - 1872

Ran a political machine that controlled New York politics through corruption. Significant because it is one of the biggest corruption scandals in the Gilded Age.

Credit Mobilier

1872 - 1873

A railroad company that made many corrupt deals with politicians. Significant because when these deals were made public, there was a huge scandal.

Panic of 1873

1873 - 1879

An economic depression caused by the lack of demand for silver. Significant because it was a huge depression that lasted for 6 years.

Mark Twain's Gilded Age

1873 - 1874

A novel written by Mark Twain that satirized the political corruption at the time. Significant because it was the origin of the name "The Gilded Age".

Civil Rights Act of 1875

1875 - 1876

An act that guaranteed African Americans civil rights in the South. Significant because prior to this, African Americans had no civil rights in the South.

Railroad Strike 77'

1877 - 1878

A huge strike by railway workers due to wage cuts. Significant because it was the first general strike in the U.S and was put down by the National Guard

Compromise of 1877

1877 - 1878

A deal in which Republicans got the presidency over the Democrats. Significant because in payment for the deal, the Republicans withdrew troops from the South and therefore ended Reconstruction

Depression of 1893

1893 - 1896

Huge economic depression caused by too many railroads and bad loans by banks. Significant because it was the biggest depression the U.S had ever gone through at that time.

Plessy v. Ferguson

1896 - 1897

A landmark Supreme Court case fought over segregation in the South. Significant because it established the principle of "separate but equal".