My Life



july 1 1995

The year I was born


january 1996

When I started to crawl

First words

april 1996

my first words being dadda

First steps

may 1996

My first steps ever!

Baby Sister

june 1996

A new baby sister named Ashley

Golden Birthday

july 1 1996

My golden birthday, it's too bad I was too young to know what happened

Baby Brother

november 1996

I have a new baby brother named John

Moving out

november 1998

We said goodbye to the south side and the house I grew up in and moved to the current house we live in now

First day of school

september 1999

My first day of school, I cried when mom left but got used to it after awhile

Learn to ride a bike


I finally learned how to ride a bike, and with training wheels off too

Baby Sister number 2

october 2002

The youngest one of us 4 is born, her name is Elizabeth

Sprain elbow

march 2003

Sprain my elbow really bad, first real bad pain experience

First Girlfriend

september 2005

My first girlfriend ever

First broken bones

march 2008

Broke 3 bones in my foot while playing football at school, ouch!

Start of High School

september 2009

start of my high school life

State champ runner ups

march 2011

Second place in state bowling, the farthest ever for Germantown!

Drivers License

september 2011

I got my license!

Car Crash

october 2012

My first and hopefully last car crash

Last year of high school

june 2013

my final year of high school, I cant believe 4 years went so fast