Cassidy's Life


I was born


I was born in San Jose California

Mom gets Baptized


Mom gets baptized as a Jehovah's Witness

Colin was born


My brother Colin was born

Get Howie


But our first dog which was a Cokapoo named Howie

Cruise to Alaska

07/01/2005 - 07/15/2005

My mom's family and I went on a 2 week trip and cruise to Alaska.


09/01/2005 - 09/03/2005

We moved from Brentwood CA to Spokane WA

New School


I started 3rd grade at Frwell Elementary school

Disney Cruise to Bahamas

04/27/2006 - 05/11/2006

We went on a week trip to Disney world in Florida and then a week Disney cruise to the Bahamas.

New School #2


I start school at Prairie View Elementary

OPI 6th Grade Camp

09/24/2008 - 10/01/2008

The whole 6th grade went to the Olympic Peninsula for a science camp in the rain forest.

Trip to Canada

10/17/2008 - 10/27/2008

Went to Canada and caved and went on a high ropes corse with zip lines.

Meet Shanaye


I meet my best friend Shanaye

New school #3


I start school at Five Mile Prairie School

Lutherhaven Camp

09/14/2009 - 09/16/2009

5-8th grade went on a 3 day camp on Courd de Lane Lake.

Trip to Arizona

11/25/2009 - 12/09/2009

We took a 2 week trip to Arizona and our friends from California came to visit us

Trip to Hawaii

12/15/2010 - 12/29/2010

We took a 2 week trip to Hawaii

Howie Leaves


We give Howie to another family

Trip To California

12/14/2011 - 12/28/2011

We took a 2 week trip to California and went to Disney land and saw our friends that live there.

Lutherhaven Camp

09/17/2012 - 09/19/2012

Middle school and High schooler went to a camp on Courd de Lane Lake.

Trip to New York

09/25/2012 - 10/10/2012

We took about a 2 week trip to New York and Canada.

Trip to Arizona

12/13/2012 - 12/24/2012

We took a trip to Arizona