Annie Oakley

Phoebe Ann (Annie) Moses

Phoebe Ann (Annie) Moses


She was born in Patterson Township, Darke County, Oh.

Annie's Father passed away


Annie's father passed away due to pneumonia and over exposure to freezing weather.

Sent Away


After Annie's father passed away, her mother couldn't take care of her and her siblings. She went to live with her Uncle.

Shooting for food and money


She returned from her Uncle's to help her mother with food and money. She took her dad's rifle and shot game. Then would go to Greenville to sell it. She was able to pay her mother's mortgage on her house.



Annie married the love of her life Frank E. Butler.

Annie adopts the stage name "Annie Oakley"


Annie pick the name Annie Oakley as her stage name.

Little Sure Shot


Sitting Bull attended one of her shows. He was so impressed that he offered her $65 for a photo. Later he adopted her and nicknamed her "Little Sure Shoot"

Joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show


Along with her husband Frank Butler, they joined the "Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show".

Train Wreck


She was in a horrible train wreck with the Wild West show that left her with a spinal injury. She needed numerous surgery's. She was partially paralyzed for a while.

Shooting was better than ever.


By 1902 she was able to shoot a dime that was tossed in mid-air 90 feet away. She also was able to use a .22 rifle and shoot 4,472 out of 5,000 glass balls tossed in the air.

Annie passed away


Annie Oakley passed away at the age of 66, 18 days before her husband Frank Butler.