History after 1945 By: Brittany Rue


Lend Lease


This program provided materials to Britain and China from the United States.
This helped for a good relationship with Britain and China and helped the United States economy.

G.I. Bill


This bill provided WWII veterans with benefits when they came home.
This is a successful bill helping out military people financially and treats them with respect.

Mark I


Mark I was the first computer made.
This computer was the start of all computers that we know today.

FDR dies


Franklin D. Roosevelt died.
Harry Truman took over his place.

Cold War

1945 - 1991

This was not a actual war but a lot of tension and threats between the U.S. and NATO and Eastern Europe and Asia.
This caused uncertainty and doubt in many people around the world in terms of their safety.

Brown v. Board


This case showed that separate schools for blacks and whites was unconstitutional.
This case paved the way for the Civil Rights Movement.

The United Nations


The United Nations was created after World War II to replace the League of Nations.
The group has helped to stop wars between different countries.

Baby Boom

01/01/1946 - 12/31/1964

There was a great amount of babies being born.
The baby boomers now are about to begin retirement.

Truman Doctrine


This Document stated that the U.S. supported Turkey and Greece financially and with military aid.
This document may have been the starting point of the cold war.

Marshall Plan


This plan was to help Europe rebuild their economy.
This plan helped Europe become stable once again helped them become prosperous.

Berlin Airlift


The Allies carried supplies to West Berlin and dropped down supplies due to blocked roads.
This was successful so the blockade to west Berlin ended.

McCarthy Red Scare


At this time there was a lot of worry about communism in the U.S.
Many have accused others of communism, some have been guilty and some have not been.

Korean War

1950 - 1953

This was a internal fight between the division in Korea.
This war was a development in the Cold War because it showed two big powers, the U.S. and the Soviet union.

Move to the Suburbs


Many families moved to the suburbs.
Because of the move to the suburbs many new homes were made and a lot less people lived in cities.

Eisenhower Elected


Dwight Eisenhower was elected.
He was elected because of the use of media like radio and television.

Rosa Park


Rosa Parks sits in the front of the bus and is arrested and sent to jail.
This incident started the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Highway Act of 1956


This bill gave $25 billion to build highways.
These highways helped travelers get from point A to point B easily.



The Southern Christian Leadership Conference worked to end all segregation.
This group held non-violent protests which eventually led to desegregation.



The Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee was a group that was mostly students who protested segregation.
This group had so many supporters that they raised money to help their work in the South , which played a big role in sit-ins and freedom rides.


February 1960

Non-violent protests held to protest segregation and racism.
These sit-ins contributed to store's reversing their stand in racial segregation.

Peace Corp.


This group was started by John F. Kennedy after World War II.
This group helped countries that were behind developmentally by helping them with technology and other resources.

Bay of Pigs


This was an unsuccessful attempt to invade Cuba and end their communism.
This unsuccessful attempt just strengthened Castro's rule of Cuba.

Freedom Rides

May 1961

Civil Rights activists ride into the segregated South.
The buses got attacked and showed how unsafe and still segregated the South was.

Revenue Act of 1962


This encouraged new investment and plant renovation through easier depreciation allowances and helped to promote a surge in the economy.
This act helped the economy grow during this time.

JFK Assassination

November 22,1963

John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Texas.
The United States lost their young president and many mourned.

Voting Rights Act of 1965


This act outlawed any discriminatory acts when it comes to voting.
This act eventually led to blacks voting without being afraid.

Richard Nixon is Elected


Richard Nixon becomes the United States President.
The United States involvement in the Vietnam War increases because he increased our involvement when he came into office.

MLK Assassination

April 6,1968

Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Tennessee.
Many people in the United States mourned his death and many protesters were left without their leader.

Landing on the Moon

July 1969

Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.
This caused other countries to increase their space efforts.

Nixon Doctrine

July 1969

This doctrine expected Asian nations to exercise more "self help."
This doctrine helped the United States stay out of some conflicts that they do not need to be in.

Watergate Scandal


This was a political scandal that was linked to President Nixon.
This caused distrust in the government.

Roe v. Wade


Abortion is legalized in the United States with restrictions.
Many questioned the morality of people now.

Oil Embargo 1973


There was a embargo put on the United States in getting oil.
Prices of gas sky rocketed.

Nixon Resigns


Nixon resigns due to possible impeachment.
Gerald Ford then became president.

Ronald Reagan is elected


Ronald Reagan becomes the president of the United States.
Reagan started his economic solution called Reaganomics.

Iran-Contra Affair

November 1986

Reagan administration secretly sold firearms to Iran.
This caused even more distrust in the United States in their government.

George H. W. Bush is elected


George H.W. Bush is elected as the president of the United States.
Bush became president with a huge victory.

Berlin Wall Falls


The wall that divided East and West Germany went down.
This paved the way for Germany's reunification.

Operation Desert Storm

August 1990

Bush sent in United States Forces to stop Saddam Hussein.
Bush was successful in his attack and devastated Iraq and crushed their tanks.

Bill Clinton was elected


Bill Clinton was elected to be the United States President.
Bill tried to make the world better with his policies and new ideas due to his youth.