My life as a driver


I finished high school at 15, so I didn't get a license until I was 18.

01/01/1981 - 04/15/1983

Mom taught me. I practiced on my own, late at night. My parents didn't know...

01/01/1983 - 04/15/1983

Drove a lot, biked a little

4/15/1983 - 5/15/1987

Motor Vehicles

1978 Ford LTD

1/1/1983 - 1/1/1986

1971 Dodge Comet

01/01/1983 - 1/1/1985

1971 VW Type III

9/1/1983 - 9/1/1984

1978 Honda Civic

9/1/1984 - 5/1/1986

1971 VW Bus (I)

9/1/1986 - 9/1/1988

400cc Honda Motorcycle

4/15/1988 - 9/30/1988



Can't get a ticket without a license...


Ran a red light - clocks change


Minor crash


Motorcycle crash (I)


First time riding in the rain, slid around a corner. I wound up wedged under a parked car with the bike between my legs. Got a little scraped up and a pretty bad burn on my leg from the muffler.

Speeding ticket


I had rented a car to go work a day on a movie set (my big break - ha!) and while I had it I drove an extra 75 miles to visit my parents. Late that night, driving back to the city, I was excited about finally driving a reliable car so I pushed it. Got ticketed for 85 in a 55.