Hallack 2012: A Year in Review


Amber and Chris get hitched

01/14/2012 - 01/15/2012

Trish and Jason serve as M & M of Ceremonies. Help get Amber and Chris married. Stay at JJ Ranch, where family and friends celebrate into the next day.

Ella Turns 3


Trip to Florida

03/23/2012 - 04/03/2012

Stayed in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Kids loved the beach and our dolphin cruise! Traveled back through SC so Jason could see a customer and Trish could see a college friend.

Liam Joins T-Ball

04/11/2012 - 06/02/2012

Liam joins Little League, t-ball style! Practices a few times with team, then plays once a week until June. Decides he likes it and will try it again in 2013!

New Camper Arrives!


Hallacks buy a used pop-up in great condition! New adventures await. Kids super-excited!

Kids' First Flight


Grampy Dan takes kids (and parents) to Fremont in his Cessna. First flight for kids. Liam really enjoys it!

1st Splash-In for Liam

06/08/2012 - 06/09/2012

Grampy Dan, Daddy, and Liam fly to Otsego Lake in the SuperCub. All endure the rain and spend the night in the tent. Liam says, "It was good!"

Trip to Ohio

06/10/2012 - 06/15/2012

Mommy bravely takes kids down to Auntie Julie's in Ohio. Enjoy the visit and side trips to the local pool and Columbus Science Center. Kids traumatically leave water launchers at Auntie Julie's. Very long ride home!

Jason's Show in Stuttgart

06/10/2012 - 06/16/2012

Trip to Belgium for Plascore. Jason takes part in meetings about new Euro-standard for crash test barriers.

U.P. Adventure

07/14/2012 - 07/22/2012

Attempts to escape the 97 degree temps in Allendale = successful! Stops on Mackinac Island, Houghton (to see friends), and Copper Harbor for a few days. Weather MUCH more comfortable. Kids, Mommy, & Daddy enjoy pop-up.

Jason goes to Belgium

08/01/2012 - 08/04/2012

Labor Day at Hallack cottage

08/31/2012 - 09/03/2012

Fun with family at Grampy Dan and Grammy 'Niece's cottage.

Liam's 1st Day of School


Liam starts pre-K @ Allendale Public Schools. A bit apprehensive about the bus, he arrives home on a positive note. Not a bad start to 13+ years of schooling!

Apple Festival

09/07/2012 - 09/09/2012

Hallack clan joins the Keller, and Chris & Amber for a weekend camping in Silver Lake for the Apple Festival. Best part according to the kids? Smores, of course!

Ella Starts Preschool


Ella's 1st day of preschool in Allendale. No tears this morning...she was ready to go!

Our Big Boy is 5!


Liam turns 5 before our very eyes. We celebrate by taking kids to ArtPrize!

Trish Invited to National Leadership Honor Society


Trish receives invite to Omicron Delta Kappa. Nominated by her professors for scholarship and leadership.

We're Auntie & Uncle!


Trish & Jason become auntie and uncle for the first time to Easton Garnet Burden. He's early, but a cutie!