Breena Bocik


Formation of the Freedman's Bureau

March 3, 1865

An agency that helped protect newly freed black slaves. This helped give black people rights
and made poeple accept the newly freed slaves.

Impeachment of Johnson

February 24, 1866

He had been impeached for believing that America is a country for white people. This helped
give rights to newly freed slaves.

The Civil Rights Bill of 1866

April 19, 1866

The bill was supposed to protect the civil rights of the newly freed slaves. This bill was passed
by congress twice (first in 1865), but was then vetoed both times by President Johnson.

Formation of the Ku Klux Klan

May 1866

It was created by 6 confederate veterans. They wanted to push back the reconstruction acts that
gaves African Americans rights.

14th Amendment

July 9, 1868

This states what being a citizen of America dictates and what your rights as a citizen is. This
amendment overrulled the Dred Scott decision that stated that African Americans could not be citizens.

15th Amendment

February 3, 1870

This stated that a person can vote no matter the color of their skin. This made the African Americans
of America feel more like a citizen with the same rights as white people.

The Compromise of 1877

February 26, 1877

This ended the dispute in the 1876 presidental election and reconstruction in the South. The South
benefitted the most from this compromie.