My Civil Lawsuit


My Move Back To Indiana


I moved back to Indiana, because a Lane County, Oregon Circuit Court Judge,decided I owed $4000.00 back lot rent for the "PREVIOUS" lot renters,that I never signed up for.I was 7 months pregnant,both my hands in braces with severe carpol-tunnel and was on bed rest. The Judge gave me 5 days to get myself and my belonging out of MY own home.

Nancy Janice Stewart was born


My daughter Nancy Janice Stewart was born at Indiana University hospital at 1:32 p.m. A month early due to my blood pressure being an amazing 196/142. I had an emergency C-Section.

Our Temporary Return to Oregon


My daughter and I returned temporarily, to gather our belonging I had stored in the West Eugene Heated Storage facility.

My Fathers Death and the day My Daughter seizures began


This is the day my daughter began having an intolerance to milk-based formula causing her to have seizure like activity.



The Department of Human Services Child Welfare Program of Lane County, Oregon, "UNLAWFULLY" removed my beautiful daughter from my loving care,without any proof physical or material to prove of my negligence.

Fabrication of Documents


An employee that works for the Department of Human Services Child Welfare Program of Lane County,Oregon, the same one that took my daughter "UNLAWFULLY", used another womans drug screen report to create one on me in better hopes to deprive my daughter and I of our lives together.