Rome Timeline


Hebrews Moved from Mesopotamia to Palestine

2000 B.C.

Moses Led Hebrews out of Egypt to Freedom

1275 B.C.

Saul Became the First King of the Hebrews

1025 B.C.

Solomon Died

930 B.C.

Israel Destroyed by the Assyrians

722 B.C.

Judah Conquered by Babylonions

586 B.C.

Law First Written Down

415 B.C

Caesar is Elected Counsel

59 B.C.

Highest position in the empire but distrusted by the senate

Caesar Becomes Governor of Gaul

58 B.C.

Establishing permanent Roman garrisons in the territory

Civil War

49 B.C.

Caesar's return to Rome after winning the lands of Gaul caused this

Caesar Returns to be Appointed Supreme Ruler and Dictator

45 B.C.

Modernized government by eliminating efficiencies, reformed Roman system of law, reduced taxes, and built things like aqueducts and roads to reduce unemployment

Caesar is Murdered in the Senate

44 B.C.

Murdered because members of the senate could not tolerate being ruled by someone so powerful

Octavian Becomes First Emperor

27 B.C.

Adapts new name "Augustus"

Augustus Dies

14 A.D.

Jews Revolt Against Roman Rule in Palestine

66 A.D.

Romans Abolish Jews in Palestine

70 A.D.

Term used "diaspora"

Iliad and Odyssey Preserved in Pompeii

79 A.D.

Official Colosseum Opening Cerimonies Conducted by Emperor Titus

80 A.D.

Initiated by Vespaisian

Marcus Aurelius Becomes Emperor

161 A.D.

Emperor Commodus Dies

192 A.D.

Son of Marcus Aurelius

Diocletian Becomes Emperor

284 A.D - 305 A.D.

Constantine Becomes Emperor

312 A.D. - 337 A.D.

Constantine Introduces the Edict of Milan

313 A.D.

Official toleration policy

Clergy Draws up Nicene Creed

325 A.D.

Met in Nicaea
Basic statement of Christian beliefs

Visigoths got Permission to Cross the Danube River

376 A.D.

Sought protection in Rome
Romans regretted their decision

Christianity Becomes Official Religion of Rome

395 A.D.

Visigoth General Alaric Invaded Italy and Sacked Rome

410 A.D.

Romans bought peace by offering Alaric southern Gaul and Spain

At the Battle of Troyes Rome and its Allies Stopped the Huns from Advancing

451 A.D.

Vandals Sacked Rome

455 A.D.

German Chief Odoacer Captured Rome and Became King

476 A.D.

Considered to be "the fall of Rome"