Chapter 7 Social Studies


The American Crisis

December 1776

Thomas Paine writes this to tell the colonials not to give up even though the situation looks hopeless.

Crossing the Delaware

December 25, 1776

Washington and his men surprise attack the Hessians.

Valley Forge

1777 - 1778

Washington and his army spend the winter time here waiting for spring to come to fight. Many people die from the cold and no food.

Battles of Saratoga

October 1777

Known as the turning point of the war.(French and other European nations side with the Americans)
Series of battles that last over a month.
Burgoynes army is surrounded so he surrenders.

British head south


1) Loyalists
2) slaves
3) close to supplies

French join the war


They bring their navy, supplies, and 6,000 soldiers.

John Paul Jones


He captures the British ship, Serapis

Guerrilla warfare


Francis Marion

Charleston captured


5,000 American surrendered
Worst American defeat of the war

End of War

October 19, 1781

Cornwallis is trapped in the peninsula of Yorktown; has to surrender.

Treaty of Paris


Peace treaty between the Americans and British