The Revolutionary War


The Sugar Act


An earlier tax caused the price of molasses to rise. This tax caused smuggling in the colonies. The Sugar Act eventually lowered the price of imported molasses.

The Stamp Act

1765 - 1766

Placed new taxes on legal documents such as wills, diplomas, marriage papers, newspapers, playing cards and even dice.

Declaratory Act


This act stated that England had every right to make any law for the Colonies they chose.

The Townsend Acts


These acts taxes glass, paper, lead and tea

The Boston Massacre


This "massacre" only killed five colonists who were egging on the British soldiers by throwing rocks and snowballs at them.

Tea Act of 1773


Parliament tried to bail out of East India Company. The colonists revolted and refused to buy tea.

The Attack on Quebec


Two American Generals attacked Quebec trying to drive British forced from the colony and take on Canadian support for the American cause.This attempt failed

The Battle of Bunker Hill


This battle happened a few months after the American Revolution began. The British wanted to keep control over the city and sea ports.

The British Capture Charleston


Sir Henry Clinton wanted to get rid of Loyalist power and replenish British political control on the region.

Treaty of Paris


This Treaty of Paris- the one of many- Ended the Revolutionary War.