Punk Performer




Ellis was born in Natchez, Mississippi. Her parents were impoverished sharecroppers.

Moved to New York


When Ellis was 6 her family moved to New York during the first Great Migration (see History) in the hopes of making a better life.

Lived in New York

5/4/1910 - 9/15/1911

Ellis occasionally went to school, but would more often wander the streets pickpocketing those she felt deserved to be parted with their money.

Met 'Father'


Ellis's Sire (played by Joe Vitale US2004102267)

Traveled with circus

9/16/1911 - 2/10/1923

While pickpocketing the patrons of the circus, Ellis caught the eye of 'Father' and began to traveled with him.



When Ellis was 14, she almost died during the influenza pandemic. Her thieving recklessly increased after her recovery.

Met Jack Wright


Ellis's Groom (played by Charles Oliver)

Lived in Terre Haute, IN

2/13/1923 - 12/25/1927

Anne eventually sent Ellis to a Groom in Terre Haute, IN because of her rebellious nature.

Returned to circus

1/5/1928 - 7/13/1940

Ellis returned to the circus after her tutelage from Jack Wright. While she still maintained a rebellious attitude and snarky wit, her thievery and actions were more careful.



By 'Father' (see above)

Joined Bloodline


Ellis joined the Carnival bloodline through her sire's blood.

Left sire


As soon as she was released, Ellis left the circus and her sire to travel alone.

Met Lodewijk Tollenaar


Ellis's Au Pair (played by James O'Neil)

Lived in Sierra Vista, Arizona

6/2/1943 - 2/6/1950

Ellis lived while Lodewijk Tollenaar with Under the Shroud and his tutelage.

Met Dr. Avinash


Ellis learned Obfuscate from him. (played by John Thomas)

Visited Michigan

08/03/1949 - 11/23/1949

Ellis travel to MI for a jewelry heist and learned Obfuscate while there.

Lived in California

4/18/1950 - 9/17/1955

Ellis lived in Hollywood, performing acrobatics and heists for the rich and famous.

Meet Erik Winters


Ellis's liege (played by Michael Hamilton)

Lived with Erik

5/17/1950 - 6/7/1951

Ellis stayed with Erik for a short period to get to know him as liege.

Meet Rowan Henrikdottar


Ellis's combat trainer (played by Brandi Dunn)

Lived with Rowan

7/2/1953 - 9/17/1955

Ellis stayed with Rowan while learning knife fighting and throwing. She traded a minor boon to Erik for this.

Lived in the UK

1975 - 1983

Ellis 'disappeared' and her family was unable to reach her. In reality she dropped everything and went to the UK to experience the emerging punk scene.

Rinaldo SanGiovanni


Found Ellis at request of liege (played by George Louis Farmer)

Lived in Michigan

5/3/1983 - 2018

Met Spider


Ellis's 'technical assistant' (played by Diana Hauer)

Chronicle Start


(Emily Sazima's character will teach medicine)
(Teacher for higher levels of Obfuscate)


Three Crucibles Ago

1912 - 1917

American kindred felt a bit more idealistic and goal oriented. Kindred leaders met in Parliament, and set common ground. They reaffirmed the the power of Boons, to the importance of the Traditions, and the sanctity of Elysium. They exchanged vows to never again allow kindred society to try to settle its differences by vendetta or war, but rather to attack and defend socially through rumor and through catspaws. The only acceptable mass destruction was to end the unlives of those who broke the peace. Kindred created an ironclad set of standards that hold even to these nights. This was the beginning of the mystical effect we now call Cadence. By 1917, it was a mystically-enforced law that Clans, Covenants and Conspiracies would compete with one another, but never again would assassination, murder, and violence become the preferred solution.

World War I

7/28/1914 - 11/11/1918



The first Worldwide Influenza epidemic hits, killing between 20 & 50 million worldwide. U.S. deaths number around 500,000 and Canadian deaths around 50,000. The Kindred become an unfortunate carrier for this disease as the Masquerade is on the brink of collapse.

World War II

9/1/1939 - 9/2/1945

Brown v. Board of Education


Brown v. Board of Education is handed down by the US Supreme Court with a unanimous (9-0) decision. In this decision, it was declared that “separate education facilities are inherently unequal.” This landmark victory paved the way for both mortal and Kindred alike to engage in the public arena with a greater presence. African-American Kindred would soon be able to gain higher standing in the more political Covenants as well – particularly those that dealt with mortal society.



1956: Browder v. Gayle took effect, leading to a US Supreme Court decision that declare the Alabama and Montgomery laws requiring segregated buses to be unconstitutional.

Two Crucible

1960 - 1965

Two Crucibles ago, Parliament disbanded as a formal body, no longer holding regular meetings, structure or agendas. The underlying principles had been set into the infrastructure of the country, locked into the minds and bodies of the kindred within the nation, and Parliament was no longer needed for that purpose. Rather than let Parliament become a potentially tyrannical body, it was voted Parliament be resolved. On one hand, that earned those kindred a tremendous amount of respect, as wise, self-sacrificing leaders, willing to place the good of kindred over their own power. On the other hand, it also marked those same leaders as idealistic, perhaps even naive, for sacrificing personal power for the greater good. They are both lauded and derided for that decision even to these nights.

Without a formal structure like Parliament, the Conspiracies became less structured, but perhaps more powerful. These nights, no one knows how many Conspiracies exist. Traditionally, open leaders of conspiracies have been accorded more respect by many kindred than Covenant or Clan leaders – this is in part because of their wisdom, and in part because their numbers and assets are unknown. Attacking a Conspiracy may mean undermining a handful of kindred, or it might mean starting a social conflict against hundreds. Kindred, risk-averse as always, are very wary of the Conspiracies, and give respect rather than risk unnecessary conflict. With the previous dissolution of national covenant structures, Conspiracies remain the primary way for ambitious Kindred to amass a national power base.



1966: The formation of the National Organization for Women (NOW) encouraged females to begin taking a more active role in many of the Covenants across the United States – notably the Carthian Movement and the Invictus.

One Crucible

1988 - 1992

While the economy in the U.S. boomed, and the borders were becoming restricted, the citizenry began to take on a new view of heritage. They searched for their roots in order to better define themselves. This culture was reflected within the Kindred population as well. As early Crucibles forged power for the Covenant, city, then Conspiracy, the last Crucible returned focus to something that can’t change once embraced: Clan.

In this era, information networks and connections available through Conspiracies allowed family Dynasties and Lineages to be confirmed, created, or forged. Being able to define these kinds of pedigrees afforded several advantages – ties of loyalty to clan mates, information and teachings passed from generation to generation, and a support structure independent of Covenant or Conspiracy. Though the power of the Clans did not return as strongly as it was in ancient times, the Clan once again became an integral part of the Danse in America.


5/1/2013 - 5/1/2018


These nights, a new Crucible is beginning. Every structure has a history it can point to- Princes remember the Halcyon Era fondly, while Covenants (especially the Ordo Dracul and Invictus) support a restoration of Covenant power… even if it’s behind the scenes. Clans recall times from before the colonization of America, when family and blood were more important than Covenant political affiliations. Some Conspiracy leaders think their predecessors were foolish to give away so much power, and seek to re-create Parliament with the Conspiracies in control. This Crucible will determine what happens over the next several decades, and every partisan is eager to take advantage of the opportunity.