Olivia Maddix Empires of Indo-Mediterranea

Empires of Indo- Mediterranea

The Persian Empire

550 B.C.E - 330 B.C.E

Greatest Emperor: Cyrus. I believe that Cyrus was Persia's greatest Emperor because he was able to conquer surrounding colonies while keeping peaceful relationships with the conquered. He established the Persian acts of kindness and acceptance to all religions.
Innovative Ingredients: Tiered Government System- The Persians created tiered government systems within their empire by dividing their empire into provinces. Each of these provinces had it's own Satraps, or governors. Babylonian Calendar- Darius created to Babylonian calendar which became known for it's accuracy. It established a way to organize and keep track of dates. Gardens- The Persian Empire borrowed the tradition of gardens. The Persians used gardens to promote their wealth. Zoroastrianism- The Persian Empire followed the religion of Zoroastrianism which taught of two deities. The Persians used this religion as their primary religion, but did not initially create it.

Empires of Indo-Mediterranea

550 B.C.E. - 100 C.E

The Athenian Empire

454 B.C.E. - 404 B.C.E

Alexander's Empire

330 B.C.E - 323 B.C.E

The Ptolemaic Empire

323 B.C.E - 30 B.C.E

The Mauryan Empire

322 B.C.E - 188 B.C.E

The Seleucid Empire

312 B.C.E. - 64 C.E.