World War I


Airplanes and tanks are used in the war.


Women join the U.S. work force


ArchDuke Francis Ferdinands Assassintion

june 28 1914

The First Battle of the Marne River

September 3, 1914

This is when Trench Warfare started.

The Lusitania sinks

may 15, 1915

The battle of Verdun

February 1916

The Germans make the Sussex Pledge

march 1916

The Espionage and Sedition Acts


It restricted free speech and arrested opponents of war. Also, anti war mail was prohibited and seized.

Russia leaves the war


Russia tries to become a communist power and fight the Czars who are loyal to Russia's emperor. The allied powers gave supplies to the Czar forces.

Selective Service Act


All men ages 21 to 30 had to join the U.S. military.

The Zimmermann Note

march 1917

A secret message was decoded and it said that the germans would help the mexicans take back all the land they lost in the mexican american war. If they helped the germans.

Congress declared war on Germany

April 6 1917

Influenza Epidemic

1918 - 1919

800,000 americans died

The Battle of Belleau Wood


The Germans attack the Marne river a second time


The Germans fire 6,000 heavy guns at the Somme river

march 21, 1918

The war ends

November 1918

Versailles treaty rejected

March 19 1920

The U.S.A. was worried that if they went in to the league of nations because they might get sucked in to wars they don't want to fight.

The League of Nations is formed

september 28 1920 - February 23 1938