Colonization Timeline


Christopher Columbus

August 1, 1492

Christopher Colobus tries to find a different route to China, but instead found the Carribean Islands. He tried to find many spices and gold, but there weren't many.

Jacques Cartier

January 1, 1534

Jacques has explored to find an all-water route from North America, all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Although he has not found this, he did find Canada.

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

January 1, 1540

This famous conquistador tried to find the "Seven Golden Cities," but did not. Instead, he walked 7,000 miles to find a small, crowded village.


January 1, 1607

Jamestown was established in Virginia by 144 settlers. The name came from King James I. This place had many fish, but very little settlers knew how to hunt, or farm, and the town also had not many resources.

Sameul de Champlain

January 1, 1608

Champlain sailed up the St. Lawrence River and has built a Trading Post called "Quebec." This fort was also used as a kind of 'base.'

Robert de La Salle

April 9, 1682

Robert has explored the entire Mississippi River and claimed everything on the west side of it for France. He named this are "Louisiana," because of the French king, King Louis XIV.