Portugese in Africa

1400 - 1500

The Portugese colonized Africa to be used as a Trading post and a pitstop. They also started a failing operation to convert the natives to Christian.

Spanish arrival in America


This is the time that Christopher Columbus arrived, and the beginning of American Colonization.

Treaty of Tordesillas


This was the Treaty that divided South America between the Spanish and the Portugese.

The East India Company

1602 - 1799

This was truly the company that ruled the seas. The East India Company was founded in 1602 and was made to control trade on the seas until they went broke in 1799.

British have full control over India

1757 - 1857

The English now have complete control over India's resources for a full 100 years.

First Settlement in Australia


The first colony in Australia was in Sydney, Australia.