Untitled timeline


the map

1400 - 1500

The map used by Columbus was
obtained by the Portuguese from
the Chinese.


1400 - 1500

Traveling with him was Sanbao
who created a set of 24maps
praised for their accuracy.

chinese civilation

1400 - 1500

Perhaps more importantly, his
voyages demonstrated the power
of the Chinese civilization and
yielded many important liasons
between China and other nations.

admiral zheng

1400 - 1500

During his 28 year naval career,
Admiral Zheng visited 37
countries, traveled around the tip
of Africa into the Atlantic Ocean
and commanded a single fleet
whose numbers surpassed the
combined fleets of all Europe.

317 men

1405 - 1433

Between 1405 and 1433, at least
317 ships and 37,000 men were
under his command.

america discoverd

1421 - 1500

It was the year 1421, The Year a
Chinese Eunuch Admiral
Discovered America, Australia
and it seems the rest of the World

440 feet

1423 - 1424

The flagship of the fleet was a
nine-masted vessel measuring
440 feet, nearly 1.5 times the
length of a football fields.

zhengs journey

1432 - 1433

Zheng's journeys also stimulated
a number of important maritime
inventions, including central
rudders, watertight compartments
and various new types of sails.

christopher columbis

1451 - 1500

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in Genoa, Italy. He went to sea as a young
boy, and spent most of his life at seachri