Mitchell Lawrence's Timeline

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United We stand

October 21, 2001

The "United We Stand" concert is held at RFK Stadium.This concert is a tribute to the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Featuring Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Mariah Carey, and more.


October 23, 2001

Apple releases the iPod

Happy Birthday

October 29, 2001

Mitchell is Born

Welcome Ben

December 1, 2001

My cousin, Ben, is born

Super Bowl XXXVI

February 3, 2002

New England Patriots beat the Rams, 20-17

Sarbanes Oxley Act

July 30, 2002

The Sarbones Oxley Act is passed into law by President George W. Bush.

Mitchell's First Birthday

October 29, 2002


August 28, 2003

A blackout in England results in 60% of England's underground railways to stop.

Mitchell's Second Birthday

October 29, 2003

Solar Flare

October 29, 2003

Earths magnetic field is hit by the recent solar flare causing a brief geomagnetic storm


December 22, 2003

A 6.6 magnitude earthquake hits San Simeon, California

Vice Presidential Debate

October 5, 2004

Vice President Dick Cheney and challenger Senator John Edwards meet in Cleveland, for the only vice presidential debate.


February 15, 2005

YouTube is launched

Hurricane Dennis

July 10, 2005

Hurricane Dennis hits the Florida Panhandle

Hurricane Katrina

August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina makes landfall in Louisiana

Family Vacation

September 11, 2005

We take our first vacation to Disney World in Florida.


July 31, 2006

Fidel Castro temporarily hands power to his brother, Raul Castro


December 26, 2006

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan


March 23, 2007

A deadly fire melts cars in Burnley Tunnel, Melbourne, Australia

Phoenix launched

August 4, 2007

NASA Phoenix is lanched

Golden Globes Cancelled

January 7, 2008

NBC cancels Golden Globe Awards due to Writers Guild of America strike.

First Communion

May 3, 2008

Mitchell made his First Holy Communion at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

Williamsburg Vacation

May 21, 2008

Mitchell visited Williamsburg, Virginia while on vacation

World Series 2008

October 29, 2008

Philadelphia Phillies beat the Tampa Bay Rays 4-1

Happy 7th Birthday

October 29, 2008

Mitchell turns 7!

President Barack Obama

January 20, 2009

Barack Obama is swore in as the 44th President of the United States of America

Same Sex Marriage

May 1, 2009

Same Sex Marriage is legalized in Sweden

Backus Family Vacation

September 6, 2009

Our family has a vacation in Disney World, Florida.

Youth Olympics

August 14, 2010

The first Youth Olympics happens in Singapore.

Space X

December 8, 2010

Space X becomes the first privately held company to successfully launch a rocket

FBIs Most Wanted

May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden becomes the FBI's Most Wanted

Oprah Winfrey

May 25, 2011

Oprah Winfrey airs her last show

Wendy's beats Burger King

March 19, 2012

Wendy's overtakes Burger King to become the second best selling hamburger chain

"John Carter"

March 20, 2012

"John Carter" is one of the largest losses in cinema

Mitchell's 11 Birthday

October 29, 2012

Mitchell turns 11 years old.