Major Events

Major events

Richard ll is murdered

Feb 14, 1400

Ricard ll was murdered in Pontefract Castle in Yorkshire.

Battle of the Angora the Mongals


Jul 20, In the Battle of Angora the Mongols, led by Tamerlane "the Terrible," defeated the Ottoman Turks and captured Sultan Bayezid I. The Turks eventually regained control of the city and it remained a part of the Ottoman Empire for the next five centuries. Around 2,000 BCE the site of the present day city was a Hittite village known as Ancyra. It was conquered in 333 BC by Macedonians led by Alexander the Great. Because of its central Anatolian Plateau loca-tion on the Ankara River, it became an important commercial center. Angora’s name was changed to Ankara in 1930.

Columbus Disvoveres America


Christopher Columbus discovered america

Cortez counquers the Aztecs


Hernando Cortes took over the aztecs

Pizzaro takes over Incas

1532 - 1533

Pizzaro took over the Incas

english settelment


the first succesful english settelment in new world was established at Jamestown