Vida de Gabo


Gabriel garcía Marquez


Gabriel García Márquez was born on March 6, at nine in the morning, in Aracataca (Magdalena).

your christening


On July 27, the maternal grandparents baptize Gabriel García Márquez and his sister Margot; the couple was left in charge of the children when the mother and father left Aracataca.

closeness to his grandfather


García Márquez never separates from Colonel Nicolás Ricardo Márquez Mejía, his maternal grandfather. Luisa Santiaga Márquez, her mother, remembers: "Gabito was always old; as a child he knew so much that he looked like an old man. "

return of his father


On December 1, Gabriel Eligio García Martínez, father of Gabo, returns to Aracataca; His mother had done it a few days before. However, Gabo and Margot continue to live with the grandparents in the house that will later be the inspiration of One Hundred Years of Solitude.

death of his grandfather


On March 4, Gabo's maternal grandfather dies. He is not in Aracataca: he is with his father trying to start a business in Sincé (Sucre). Referring to the Colonel's death, Gabo said years later: "Since then, nothing important has happened to me. Everything has been quite flat. "

they are going to live in Barranquilla


Gabo, his parents and his brothers are going to live in Barranquilla, where his father runs a pharmacy.

he starts his baccalaureate


Gabo's parents send him to study high school at the San José school in Barranquilla. In the magazine Juventud, under the title of "Bobadas mías", he publishes his first texts.