My Timeline About Colonization

Major events

Inca military expansion begins


The Incas had one of the most organized armies in South America. This army consisted of several large-scale battalions. The warriors wore tunics that often were of a checkered pattern. This was the army standard dress. Their weapons included slings, clubs, bronze knives and scythes. Their armour was made of gold which made it impractical for defense and was very costly. There could be as many as 100,000 men in the army at a time.

Moche Empire conquered by Incas


When the Spanish arrived at the borders of the Inca Empire in 1528, the empire spanned a considerable distance. Extending southward from the Ancs Maya which is now known as the Patia River in southern Colombia to the Maule River in Chile, and eastward from the Pacific Ocean to the edge of the Amazonian jungles, the empire covered some of the most mountainous terrain on earth. In

John Cabot lands in Labrador


Columbus lands on Venezuelan coast


Hernan Cortes arrives in Tenochtitlan


Spanish occupy Aztec Empire


Spanish conquest of Inca Empire

1533 - 1539